About Us

Having hair loss issues? Having Breakage?

Need a WIG, hair replacement OR toupee?

If so, schedule a complimentary 10-minute Virtual Consultation

We will address your hair loss in a number of ways including but not limited to holistically and naturally redirecting your eating habits, improving your body with supplements and therapeutic essential oils. 


- 1-hour review of medical information, blood work and diet 

- Genetic history 

-Zyto bio-compass scan

- Customized nutritional screening 

- PH testing & diagnostic scoping

- Customized hair and head measurements

-Allergy testing for AutoImmune* triggers

TREATMENTS *All treatments include styling services

- Hair replacement

- Wig, wiglet or extension

- Low-level-light therapy

- UV light therapy

- Oxygen scalp therapy with essential oil Treatment

- InfraRed Treatment 

- High Frequency Current