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Women & Genetic Thinning

LaRonne : Posted on Wednesday, April 08, 2015 7:31 PM
Women have issues with thinning in the same manner that men thin as well. The Androgen sites located above the eyebrows and temporal regions and above the occipital bone are most affected.

Two factors are to be considered:

  1. The issue has a genetic predisposition. One will be sensitive to DHT and will start to thin as fluctuations in hormone levels and normal aging occur.
  2. This issue can be accelerated with the onset of immune, (temporary sicknesses) hormonal and endocrine fluctuations. A woman comes in today complaining of gradual thinning over the past five, ten, 20 years. She has had her uterus removed but ovaries are still intact or vice-versa. She also complains of sensitivity and burning in the crown in the apex area of her scalp. Upon analysis and review of her scalp with a dermascope, I have found that she is sensitive to testosterone and DHT and she is suffering from trademarked 'follicular' swelling. We were able to help her discover her issue, which was not major, but major to her since her hair lacks the fullness and vitality it once had. for more information, please view more resources on women and thinning issues