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Xtc/hlcc growth system

Xtreme dht inhibitor-blocks effects of dht , inhibits dht from binding to the androgen receptors, preventing hair loss

Bio-cure shampoo-removes dht from the scalp, 

Scalp prep-dissolves sebum build-up


Extreme hair boost- increases the density of the hair within the follicle 

Maximum growth therapy-patented saw palmetto-based natural formula without use of drugs (bottom of page)

Perfect hair ketoconazoleshampoo for flaky scalps-regrowth treatment & care for that flaky, smelly-🧀🧀cheesy scalp-order today! Got "White-patchy spots on the scalp?" #ketoconazole will help it& it"S a natural #dht🛇 #hairloss fighter. This is the same type of shampoo you get from your dermatologist.

• Nioxin minoxidil for spot treatment-2.5%

• Flow hairgrowth tea-drink your way to fuller hair 

• Keracell labs stem cell therapies products

• Hairmax.Com  or theradome products

Nouritress therapy package:

• Edge repair shampoo/ conditioner

• Hair follicle vitamins/gummy biotin vitamins

• Day treatment spot treatment/ night treatment-recommended for all hair types

Edge repair follicle treatment intensive night drops is a maximum strength leave-in treatment formulated with a clinically proven new breakthrough herbal formula, that helps reduce scalp inflammation, strengthens and prevents hair loss naturally and helps stimulate and nourish weak hair follicles that have been damaged due to wearing braids, weaves, lace wigs, standard wigs and chemical abuse. Recommended for all hair types.

Alopecia essential oil system: enriched with grapeseed oil extracts, lavender, saw palmetto, fractionated coconut oil, and more! can be used as a daily hair growth oil therapy and a scalp detox-It alleviates all hair loss, itchy, scaly problems and dandruff problems!

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