Need a new pair of Minks????
| | $12   Alluring 3D & 4D Mink Fur False Eyelashes Pack of 2 Pairs,100% Natural Soft Curl Genuine Siberian Mink Hair Hand-made Luxury Fashion Fake Lashes in Premium Box…   

Hair loss, fungal conditions, scarring alopecia in African American women
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It is extremely important that you keep the scalp environment optimal to prevent scarring, hair casts and fungal conditions. Light needs to be shed on scarring Alopecia and proper scalp care….the component that is Centralfugal (I was corrected) cicatricial scarring … Read More

Dry skin, scalp and detox help
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We all need a good spring cleaning every once in awhile. This is a brief video discussing the link between detox health and dry, itchy scalp rashes and autoimmune issues. When dry, itchy flaky scalps are consistent without relief it … Read More

Handmade wigs for Alopecia in Pleasantville
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This is one of our latest Creations it’s an 18 inch handmade Chinese straight wigs. The hair comes from Newtimes hair We manufacture and Market wigs for Alopecia, cancer, small children, men and women.

Our hair ages, too!
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Americans refuse to believe or understand that they are getting old. What I really mean by this is, as we age our hair and scalp hair also ages. When clients come in and I relay to them that their follicles … Read More

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A client came in recently written hair loss related to medications and problems resulting from TTP. Over time she suffered anemia, low energy and blood clotting issues. She eventually had to have her uterus removed because of menstrual cycles that … Read More

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