It’s time for tea…….”hair growth tea” that is!

We wanted to bring it to you (our best subscribers and clients), first! The hair growth tea is back!!! Every one isn’t a coffee drinker…some of us like tea! Tea and Tisane sipping are not new. Many are adopting healthier … Read More

Beware of Keratin Treatments!!!!

Autoimmune reactions to Keratin and smoothing treatments Points to consider: describes an antigen as-a toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies. allergen–a substance that causes an allergic reaction. … Read More

Trichology: when people get it!

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Facebook Twitter Google-plus A trichologist works as part of a cohesive whole, not simply focusing on ‘JUST-YOUR-HAIR AND SCALP.’ We perform our consultation from a ‘holistic’ ‘TOTAL BODY’ point of view. We work diligently  to assess the contributing factors that … Read More

“Balance the body and the hair will follow.”

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“Balance the body and the hair will follow” Is my motto.  As a Cosmetologist, I aim to share with the community and Beauty Professionals the urgency of Trichology and hair loss-related facts, issues, trends and solutions. But, we ourselves must … Read More


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A client came in recently written hair loss related to medications and problems resulting from TTP. Over time she suffered anemia, low energy and blood clotting issues. She eventually had to have her uterus removed because of menstrual cycles that … Read More

RedBlood Cells

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Having optimal ‪#‎REDBLOOD‬ cell counts are essential for good HAIR HEALTH. When a client stops in for an analysis, this is one of my questions during the consultation. A low red blood cell count shows various things, one being anemia. … Read More

After the Dermatologists visit

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Often as hair stylists, we realize a client is losing hair before they realize it. Most hairstylists have no clue how to handle this and simply give clients the “it’s not gonna grow back” speech, cover it up with a … Read More

Cancer does not discriminate

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September is Alopecia Awareness month and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Pancreatic Cancer is during November…..please, if you know of anyone that is suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy or cancer, Please suggest they stop in for a comfortable, … Read More

Shampoo your scalp often

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Shampoo your scalp often!! Most scalp issues may be alleviated when you shampoo more frequently. If you have dry, scaly, red & inflamed skin issues… You need to shampoo more often. Try this trick: massage coconut oil into your skin … Read More

African American women and hair loss

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Alopecia and scarring Alopecia. This information is especially for African American women. Scarring Alopecia occurs in many cultures and this information is general and can help anyone losing their hair