Your Kit consists of 8 products:

  1. Hair STem shampoo-DHT Blocker
  2. Hair Stem conditioner
  3. Detox tea and Sonne’s kit
  4. EFA- 3 month supply
  5. DHT Blocker-3 month supply
  6. Foligrow- 3month Supply
  7. Follicle growth Stimulator Spray
  8. Theradome FDA Cleared Laser Cap

Detox your Way to health and ‘jump-start’ your hair growth!

Remove toxins from the Liver, Gallbladder and colon, and get all of your trinity (vitamins/minerals, EFA’s AntiOx)  needed to promote fuller, thicker, denser hair in months! You will absorb the vegetarian capsules much better once your body has been rid of heavy metals, phthalates, pesticides, medications and more.


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