SBL essential oil blend

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This antiOxidant growth serum is great for Scarring alopecia clients with:

  • pain
  • redness
  • tingling
  • thinning
  • bald scalp.

Contains essential oils:

  • lavender-calming, anti-inflammatory
  • saw palmetto-reduces effects of DHT which contributes to thinning
  • rosemary-increases follicle stimulation, decreases dandruff
  • thyme-improves blood circulation, facilitates nutrients to the scalp
  • frankincense-slows and prevents hair loss, provides stimulation, and antioxidant Vitamin E

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all-natural formula- no drugs or sulfates or carcinogens

1oz. formula with dropper. 2-3 drops needed. Massage into area of thinning and loss.

Our amazing and extremely-concentrated SBLessential oil blend contains the following:


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