Hair fact Men’s or Women’s 3-month Kit

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‘Struggling to grow hair?’ Hair fact is an evidenced based, nutritional cyclical therapy designed to strengthen the hair follicles. The male or female Kit contains a 3-month supply of nutrients designed to improve your current hair growth routine.  



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This  5-bottle kit kit is priced at an average of $71.33/mo.


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Hair growth is influenced by many factors:

  • Nutritional deficiencies(not enough iron, greens, vitamin D, iodine etc)
  • stress
  • environmental toxins.
  • sleep patterns
  • internal sicknesses
  • reproductive shortfalls

all follicle roots become susceptible to endocrine system and hormonal changes which affect hair growth

commonly known as ‘cyclical baldness.’

5-10% of hair enters the fallout phase and never grows back 


with Grace Hair Serum

Contains 3-month supply of:

  • spirulux-Omega, Antiox greens blend
  • CalD3-Calcium and D3 (as they’re better absorbed together)
  • TrichoSHield
  • TrichoFerrum
  • Alexa
  • TrichoProtein


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