Xtc Scalp Prep 16oz.

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This will help soften the scales on your scalp as a pre-shampoo
service. The acids in the product help this naturally. This helps break up and disolve sebum on the scalp.

This clogs hair follicles. Use this before each shampoo will enable BETTER penetration of topical products (hair growth stimulators)

  1. Brush hair vigorously
  2. Place a ring of cotton around your hairline.
  3. use nozzle enclosed
  4. Use sparingly.
  5. Open XTC Scalp Prep funnel a little bit….
  6. squeeze onto scalp……
  7. massage into scalp and let sit for 10 mins.
  8. brush scalp again
  9. and shampoo with Perfect hair shampoo.
Use 2x weekly to alleviate scalp issues.

(as we are wellness professionals, consider detoxing your colon for 2 weeks also and reduce the sugar in your diet.

opt for a yeast/fungal detox. This will also remove MORE toxins and help your scalp to feel better)



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