Shampoo your scalp often

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Shampoo your scalp often!! Most scalp issues may be alleviated when you shampoo more frequently. If you have dry, scaly, red & inflamed skin issues… You need to shampoo more often. Try this trick: massage coconut oil into your skin and scalp, and wrap a moist towel around your head and cover with a plastic cap for 20 mins before you shampoo. Rich in caprylic acid and lauricacid, they break down the Skin Barrier making it easier for the scalp scales to be removed. Also, it is an antibacterial and antimicrobial aiding to the rescue for red and inflamed skin reducing the inflammation. So everyone, if you have issues with your scalp, shampoo your hair often.

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  1. Lashawn
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    How often is often ? In the past three wks I have had severe itching after removing a quick weave that I was only able to wear for a week due to scalp tenderness & itching. I’ve worn them before for two to three weeks but this time I couldn’t. I had it done for vacation & had to take it out almost 5 days after having it done. Every since then my scalp has been really itchy. I recently purchased peppermint oil & it relieves it temporally when I massage my scalp with it. How do I get this itching to stop? I was diagnosed quite a few years ago by my dermatologist with CCCA & received maybe two cortisone shots & I hadn’t had any symptoms or problems until recently. What’s the best shampoo to use & should I go back to the dermatologist?

    • laronne
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      Hello, You may simply have dermatitis or a response to the shampoo, gel, quick weave solutions, spritzes, etc. used to assist in maintaining your style.
      You definitely should take advantage of shampooing once or twice weekly if you have temporary issues because of your previous scarring alopecia history. Because your dermatologist prescribed your steroid shots as a course of treatment, it demonstrates that you have INFLAMMATION in your scalp. It would be wise to give us a call or book a 15-minute ONLINE CONSULTATION so that we may assist you further.
      Please visit the site and visit the book and appointment link and schedule your 15-minute FREE ONLINE CONSULT.
      They’re conducted SUNDAY, MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY.

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