For serious concerns, please see your physician for emergencies or to discuss your options, or as a follow-up after visiting your dermatologist or to delve deeper into your concerns, please call us!

We provide hair restoration and solutions to those with:

  • thinning hair, Cancer patients, male pattern hair loss, general hair loss, alopecia, children, Menopausal or childbearing mothers and those experiencing genetic and systemic issues.
  • and those who wish to restore hair without surgery and we service after surgery candidates
  • We solve hair replacement and issues for men, women and children through a variety of natural, herbal and holistic needs restoring your hair naturally.
  • We provide a natural and holistic (entire, whole body) approach to solving your hair loss and thinning concerns through balancing your body over time.

The body often begins to thin or lose hair due to a body system such as the:

  • endocrine-(thyroid and adrenals, SHBG, diabetes and sugar)
  • circulatory- (HRT, HBP)
  • immune- (over stressed, sensitive and weakened system)
  • lymphatic- clogged drainage, swollen lymph
  • hepatic- (sluggish, pyogenic, fatty liver, sugar balance, gall bladder issues)
  • digestive/intestinal-(improper digestion, prolonged waste removal)
  • reproductive-(fluctuating FREE testosteone, progesterone, estrogen, PCOS)
  • sympathetic nervous system-(over worked and deeply stressed system which impacts all of the above)

when these are out of balance, HAIR WILL NOT GROW PROPERLY! Each system needs help! They each need support and we seek to help you correct it over time.